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Correct use of paper shelves

【Technology Exchange】2018-03-28 10:08

1, in supermarkets, shopping malls, be careful! Do not allow customers to use paper shelves to move or rub the pressure beyond the load carrying capacity of the goods, or in wet places, fresh areas or meat and so on.

2, regular cleaning, but it looks very neat, clean paper shelves to attract more consumers.

3. The position of paper shelves is very important. When the design of paper shelves attracts customers in the past, customers cannot obtain them because of improper positions or difficulties in accessing this product.

4. In general, from the 110th to the 110th years of average human visual acuity, a visual distance of 1.5 meters to 2 meters in width, pedestrians are shopping at an angle of 60 degrees in shopping malls. Therefore, the visual range of a business man should be combined with the consumer's visual habits and problems that must be considered in the design to ensure the surface of the displayed product and increase the probability of purchase.

5. Some people in the passway and the gate walk high frequency to put the paper shelf, natural damage to other areas, it should be more protected.

Reasonable use and health paper shelves can not only extend the life of paper shelves, but also bring more benefits and make the space more rational.


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