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Paper display racks and paper shelves features and features

【Technology Exchange】2018-03-28 10:10

In addition to the traditional shelves and display racks, the paper shelf and paper shelf display rack (display rack) also have the following features:

■ The appearance of the paper display stand can be printed in color, which is an excellent advertising carrier;

■ The paper display rack is all (or mainly) made of printing paper and high-strength cardboard, enough to carry promotional merchandise, and meet strict environmental protection requirements;

■ Applicable to all kinds of large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions, etc., design, color, shape can be freely innovative design, excellent publicity;

■ Light weight, can be flattened and stacked, saving transportation logistics costs, can be used repeatedly;

■ It is economical and extremely practical. It is used by sellers. For example, due to improvements in product appearance patterns and other factors, it is convenient to abandon the recycling department.

■ According to the requirements of customers and supporting materials, different paper materials can be used to match, and can be combined with other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) to form a mixed structure display rack;

■ Convenient for suppliers to transport from the place of production directly to the final point of sale for unpacking sales, saving the cost of repeated stacking and repackaging;

The paper shelf/paper display rack has a high economic value, and has the function of soliciting customers and promoting merchandise for any type of business site. At the same time, it also has the effect of improving the image of the product and the reputation of the company. Paper shelf/paper display stand mainly has the following functions:

New product notification

Most of the paper shelves/paper display shelves are advertised for new products. When new products are sold, in conjunction with other mass media, using paper shelves/paper display racks in sales venues for promotional activities can attract consumers' attention and stimulate their desire to purchase.


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