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What are the advantages of using a paper display stand for cosmetics?

【Technology Exchange】2018-03-28 10:09

With the development of the times, the cosmetics industry has also begun to use paper display stands as a tool for terminal display marketing. What advantage does the cosmetics use paper display stand have? The following small series simply said a few:

1. Green environmental protection: The paper display rack is in line with the requirements of international environmental protection organizations. It is a green environmental protection product. Waste paper display racks can be recycled and reused through recycling. International trends, import and export exemption, simplified procedures, and cosmetics also pursue green environmental protection. The concept of harmony between man and nature, so the use of paper display racks for cosmetics conforms to the needs of the times.

2. Advertising: Paper display stands for advertising value. If marketing is a language art! Then using the media to spread information is visual art! The medium that can be most intuitively conveyed to consumers' visual information is the POP advertising tool - paper display rack. The surface of the paper display rack can be designed to meet the cosmetic personality of the copy and advertising language, printed on the paper display stand is beautiful, highlighting the charm of cosmetics, play the role of recruiting bees and butterflies, that is, POP advertising benefits. The propaganda of the paper display rack can create a brand of cosmetics in the terminal, enhance the corporate image, and create high sales.

3. High quality and low price: The value of the paper display stand is the same as or better than the similar metal display stand, wooden display stand and organic glass display stand, and can be used in conjunction with other materials. , but the price is far lower than similar products.

4, fast and convenient: cosmetics need to do terminal display, in the selection of similar display equipment, paper display rack is the smallest, lightest, removable folding, can be a complete set of paper racks, in the same box, to ensure the store Easy to install. In terms of cargo, it has an unparalleled advantage. It can use cardboard boxes to display paper in racks of standard containers and can maximize the use of space. It will not cause space waste, save logistics costs, and reduce the impact of cosmetics caused by irregularities caused by mutual impact. The damage ensures the integrity and aesthetics of each product, and it is even more difficult to store on storage. It should be easy to move.

5, personality and flexibility: With the trend of cosmetics to speed up the update, the tools to load them will also be updated. Then the flexibility and individual character of the paper display stand can be tailored according to the product, flexible and smart. It is also possible to develop puzzles and create new styles of cosmetics with the freedom of technology.


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